Welcome to the Nippon Mecha Chemical website. I’m Chikako Nonaka, our Representative Director.

Since our founding in 1975, we have been researching, developing, manufacturing and selling industrial chemicals of the highest quality. We remain committed to "making unrivaled products" that are used widely in Japan and abroad.

While you can’t see our chemicals in electrical and automotive components, they play a crucial role in the processes that create such components and make them shine.

We create products that meet performance goals and customer objectives by precisely combining raw materials in various ways through repeated trial and error. Our developers are proud of their many accomplishments.

Satisfying customers is our greatest joy and drives us to keep moving forward. We will continue company-wide efforts to address the needs of customers and provide products that truly impress.

Chikako Nonaka Representative Director


- We create original technologies and products that impress customers.

- We build trusting relationships with customers through refined technical services.

- We take pride in our work and aim to be experts in our field.

- We are always fair, honest and compassionate.

- We actively contribute to the prosperity of society.

At a glance

40 + years in business

192 + products

14 countries where we do business

14 countries where we do business

(10 in Asia, 1 in the Americas, 3 in Europe)

Corporate Profile

Nippon Mecha Chemical Co., Ltd.
Head Office
3-2-23, Honohara, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
+81 533-84-3245
Representative Director
Chikako Nonaka
August 1975
14 million yen
Tokyo Sales Office
2-13-4, Yanaka, Adachi-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-5856-3904
Kobe Sales Office
9-8-34, Motoyamaminami-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo Prefecture Tel: 078-441-0165
Production and sales items
  • Rust removing agents
  • Rust preventive agents
  • Detergents
  • Press processing lubricants (oil or dry types)
  • Cutting and grinding agents
  • Discharge processing liquid
  • Sputter anti-deposition agents
  • Antiseptic agents
  • Defoaming agents
  • Other