Rust removing agents

  • KC-12

    Rust remover (acidic)

    Water dilutable and economical rust remover

  • Rust Remover K-200

    Rust remover (acidic)

    Rust and machine sludge remover

  • Sludge remover


    Neutral rust/sludge remover for wire electrical discharge machines

  • Mecha Ecorust N

    Rust remover (neutral)

    Neutral rust remover

Rust preventive agents

  • CP-4000

    Rust inhibitor (oil-based)

    Strong oil-based rust inhibitor ideal for humid climates

  • Mecha Proof W-2K

    Rust inhibitor (water-soluble)

    Rust inhibitor additives for wire electrical discharge machining

  • Mecha RC Spray


    Aerosol rust inhibitor for ultra-thin film wire cutting

  • Mecha P Coat


    Rust and corrosion inhibitor for wire EDM during lengthy processing

  • CP-CU

    Rust inhibitor (oil-based)

    Oil-based rust inhibitor for copper

  • Mecha Hibitor #325

    Rust inhibitor (water-soluble)

    Neutralizing rust inhibitor for use after removing rust and rinsing