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Who we are

Since 1975 Nippon Mecha Chemical has been developing manufacturing and distributing industrial chemicals widely used in Japan and abroad. While you can’t see our chemicals in electrical and automotive components they play a crucial role in the processes that create such components and make them shine.

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Our products transform
customer desires to reality.

Through high quality and performance our products earn customer trust. By responding to customer feedback we keep advancing our technology building solid long-term relationships and expanding our product lineup. You can depend on Nippon Mecha Chemical products.

Rust Removing Agent

Our rust removing agent damages metal surfaces less than competing products. Since it removes rust without lowering the quality of molds and workpieces, it is extremely well received by many metal processing companies.

It is especially recommended for removing rust generated during wire electrical discharge machining. We hope you will try our high-quality rust remover.

Rust Preventive Agent

We are confident in the long-lasting effectiveness, low odor and easy handling of our oil-based rust preventive agent, and recommend it to those seeking highly effective rust prevention. Our large product lineup includes water-soluble rust preventive agents, aerosols with unique effects and products particularly effective for rust prevention during wire electrical discharge machining.


  • Acidic-and-Neutral-Rust-Remover

    Acidic and Neutral Rust Remover

  • K-200-Example-of-use


  • Rust Remover for Steel Iron “KC-12” and for Copper “KC-12A”