May 28, 2024

Acidic and Neutral Rust Remover

Which one do you have a good image for acid or neutral?

Generally, most people have a good image for neutral.
It might be because neutral is near water and most people have an image of acid as strong chemical.

Our company has both acid (such as KC-12) and neutral (such as MECHA ECO RUST N) rust remover.
We introduce the difference of those products.

The merit of acid rust remover is good rust removing ability. It means that the speed of rust removing is rapid, and it can melt the stubborn rust stains.
The demerit of acidic rust remover is that it affects the base material due to its strength.

On the other hand, the merit and demerit of neutral rust remover is that the reactivity is more slowly. So, the effect for base material is small though rust removing ability is weak.
In addition, neutral rust remover has a peculiar odor.

We are asked the principle of rust removing sometimes. We have detailed information in another blog article (Principles of Rust Removal). If you are interested, please read it.

If you have any questions for rust removing agent, please contact us.