Mar 13, 2023

Rust Remover for Steel Iron “KC-12” and for Copper “KC-12A”

What is the difference between KC-12 and KC-12A?
Is it possible to remove discoloration of copper with KC-12?

We would like to answer the difference at first.
We announce that the customers should use KC-12 for Steel Iron, and KC-12A for Copper.

The reason is that there is a case which the surface of copper is darken when KC-12 is applied. On the other hand, KC-12A removed the same metal’s discoloration well.

Rust removing agent is blended corresponding to the ability of “rust removing” and discoloration preventing.”
KC-12 is suitable for removing rust of steel.

If the rust removal agent is applied for non-targeted metal material, those abilities does not tend to be effective.
In addition, when the rust removal agent is used for non-targeted material, the duration of rust removal agent tends to be shorter. Therefore, we recommend you using the rust removal agent properly.

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