Oct 20, 2022

Recommended Container for KC-12

We got the following inquiry from a customer.
“Is it possible to move KC-12 into stainless container?”

No, we recommend using plastic container.
KC-12 is acidic, and dissolves metal. Stainless-steel is not corroded easily compared with the other metals. However, acidic liquids dissolves metal in a greater or lesser degree. Hence, there is a possibility of destroying the stainless-steel container.

In addition, we got another question as below.
“I want to use KC-12 with an ultrasonic washing machine. Is there any problem?”

Due to the KC-12’s corrosive properties, we recommend using ultrasonic washing machine with indirect container which has tolerant for acid such as plastic or glass container.
The image picture is shown as follows.

ultrasonic cleaner rust remover

However, please confirm whether the rust is removed or not before full-scale use when using indirect container. Sometimes indirect container is incompatible with ultrasonic washing machine.

If you have any questions for using our products, please feel free to contact us.