Jun 30, 2022

What is the difference between water-soluble and oil -based rust preventive agents?

Sometimes we are asked “there are water-soluble and oil-based rust preventive agent in your product lineup. But what is the difference and when should I use them?”

The main difference is the term of rust prevention.
Water-soluble rust preventive agent is developed for rust prevention of short term. On the other hand, oil-based rust preventive agent is developed for that of long term. The term of rust prevention can also be said the strength of rust preventive agent, and oil-based rust preventive agent is stronger than water-soluble rust preventive agent basically.

The next topic is about the timing when the customers should use.
The customers should use oil-based rust preventive agent due to its strength basically. Oil-based rust preventive agent is recommended when carrying metal work piece to the other customers or storing for a few months. However, removing the oil-based rust preventing agent is time-consuming. Therefore, we recommend to use degreaser for removing oil-based rust preventive agent.

Though we recommend using oil-based rust preventive agent from the point of view of its strength, water-soluble rust preventive agent should be used for rust prevention of metal workpiece after removing rust or processing with water soluble cutting fluid or degreasing with water soluble detergent.

Or there are four characteristics of water-soluble rust preventive agent as follows.

  1. It is easy to remove water-soluble rust preventive agent. Water-soluble rust preventive agent can be removed by water.
  2. It is economical because it can be used with diluted by water.
  3. Work environment becomes better than that of oil-based one.
  4. There is no possibility of fire.

Therefore, water-soluble rust preventive agent should be used for short term rust prevention.

There are over 10 types of rust removing agent in our company’s lineup. After asking the customers’ request, we suggest the best product. Therefore, if you have some problems about rust preventive agent, please feel free to ask us from the inquiry form!